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Opportunities for OA Fellows to Fellowship

An OA meeting serves as one of the foundation tools of this program. Meetings bring us together and offer us opportunities to share and to hear others’ experience, strength, and hope in recovering from compulsive overeating.

Sharing during an OA meeting is focused on abstinence and recovery, and not the events of the day. For some of us, a meeting is the only place where other people understand us.

To bridge the healing benefits of the AA program which we are based, and to further build our community, we have two opportunities to fellowship outside of meetings. To share our personal lives and connect with fellow OA members.

THURSDAYS at 6:15 PM we meet in the parking lot and walk around the church grounds before the start of the in-person 7:00 PM meeting at the Trinity Methodist Church.

MONTHLY on the 4th Sunday at 2:00 PM we meet at the Frederick Coffee Company. Generally, we are seated outside (weather permitting).

To stay abreast of the most up-to-date details, be sure to subscribe/join our Google Group at https://groups.google.com/g/nbroaig.

Saturday Hybrid Vote

We voted to give hybrid a try and it’s time to vote whether to continue hybrid. We have through June to weigh in.

The votes have been counted. Two people accidentally voted for their choice twice. So as requested, one was removed from face-to-face and one from hybrid.

This still has Face-to-Face winning the vote.


Quick Tenth Step


A is for Abstinent–Was I abstinent today? Did I follow my food plan? Did I abstain from my defects of character? Did I follow my mental and spiritual “plans” as well?

E is for Exercise–Did I “move” today in mind, body and spirit? Did I urge myself to “stretch” today, even a little bit?

I is for I, myself–How did I treat/care for myself today? Did I rest when I was tired? Did I eat regular, nutritious meals? Did I spend time with my Higher Power? Did I have fun?

O is for Others–How did I treat others today? Did I fall into old habits of thinking, acting, and/or believing towards others? Do I owe any amends? Is my side of the street clean?

U is for Uncover– Did I uncover any new feelings, information, ideas, or connections today? Have I spent time in prayer and meditation with my Higher Power in order to receive new input? Did I write? Did I read program materials? Once I became aware of any new information/insight, did I stop to process it?

Y is for Yes– Did I say “YES” to life? Am I living with/remembering regrets from the past, especially the last 24 hours? Did I engage in activities that promoted my zest for life, take a chance, or have an adventure?

Reviewing the day through this lens helps keep me on track with my program; reduces the duration and intensity of my resentments; and keeps me accountable to my Higher Power, myself, and others.

Reprinted from a grateful member OA Loudon VA

Intergroup Fellowship

Many of us have expressed an interest in getting together to fellowship.

We began having this discussion online via Zoom. Usually during the social time after a meeting. But we know there are so many more of you who may want to also weigh in. So, please complete the below poll with your preference.

The location that would best fit is Frederick Coffee Company in downtown Frederick’s Shab Row. This allows for a variety of activities. Walking the shops, sitting and talking, having a coffee or tea, or even a snack/meal.

The 12 Freedoms of OA

This panelist led discussion will help increase your understanding of the 12 Freedoms obtained by working the 12 steps.

Each Freedom, one at a time or all together, can release us from our disease!


Thank you for joining this exciting 2-hour review of the 12 Freedoms of Overeaters Anonymous.

Our two (2) panelists discussed what they gained from each of the Freedoms gained by working the 12 Steps.

During the event the following resources were shared. Keep coming back as we add more.

You can download the accompanying 12 FREEDOMS WORKBOOK by clicking here or from the PDF listed below.

NOTE: Those who want to receive a paper copy of the new wallet card must register by February 20th, 2022 and include their physical address during registration.

R7 Convention 2021: Recordings

The Recordings Are Now Available!


Thank you so much for attending the Region 7 2021 Convention. We hope you enjoyed the event. As promised, the recordings are now all available on our website for you to listen to – either as a repeat for those workshops and keynotes that were incredibly powerful for you, or for the first time because you missed them live. Please enjoy.