Quick Tenth Step


A is for Abstinent–Was I abstinent today? Did I follow my food plan? Did I abstain from my defects of character? Did I follow my mental and spiritual “plans” as well?

E is for Exercise–Did I “move” today in mind, body and spirit? Did I urge myself to “stretch” today, even a little bit?

I is for I, myself–How did I treat/care for myself today? Did I rest when I was tired? Did I eat regular, nutritious meals? Did I spend time with my Higher Power? Did I have fun?

O is for Others–How did I treat others today? Did I fall into old habits of thinking, acting, and/or believing towards others? Do I owe any amends? Is my side of the street clean?

U is for Uncover– Did I uncover any new feelings, information, ideas, or connections today? Have I spent time in prayer and meditation with my Higher Power in order to receive new input? Did I write? Did I read program materials? Once I became aware of any new information/insight, did I stop to process it?

Y is for Yes– Did I say “YES” to life? Am I living with/remembering regrets from the past, especially the last 24 hours? Did I engage in activities that promoted my zest for life, take a chance, or have an adventure?

Reviewing the day through this lens helps keep me on track with my program; reduces the duration and intensity of my resentments; and keeps me accountable to my Higher Power, myself, and others.

Reprinted from a grateful member OA Loudon VA