The 12 Freedoms of OA

Registration is required. Registration will be open up to the day of the event. CLICK TO REGISTER

Join us for this exciting 2-hour review of the 12 Freedoms of Overeaters Anonymous.

We will have three (3) different panelists who will take turns discussing each of the Freedoms gained by working the 12 Steps.

Afterwards, we will break into three separate smaller groups for an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the 12 freedoms.

Each Freedom, one at a time or all together, can release us from our disease!

KEEP CHECKING BACK! We’ll be posting the HANDOUT and the FLYER.

NOTE: Those who want to receive a paper copy of the new wallet card must register by February 20th, 2022 and include their physical address during registration.

R7 Convention 2021: Recordings

The Recordings Are Now Available!


Thank you so much for attending the Region 7 2021 Convention. We hope you enjoyed the event. As promised, the recordings are now all available on our website for you to listen to – either as a repeat for those workshops and keynotes that were incredibly powerful for you, or for the first time because you missed them live. Please enjoy.