Intergroup Fellowship

Many of us have expressed an interest in getting together to fellowship.

We began having this discussion online via Zoom. Usually during the social time after a meeting. But we know there are so many more of you who may want to also weigh in. So, please complete the below poll with your preference.

The location that would best fit is Frederick Coffee Company in downtown Frederick’s Shab Row. This allows for a variety of activities. Walking the shops, sitting and talking, having a coffee or tea, or even a snack/meal.

3 thoughts on “Intergroup Fellowship”

  1. I’m with you Linda. I don’t live downtown, but I can get there easily. I also don’t want to meet and sit in some restaurant with food everywhere.


  2. I think the Coffee Shop is a good place to meet and Sunday often works for me. 2:00 also seems like a good time, especially for those who attend services at a church.


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