Saturday Hybrid Vote

We voted to give hybrid a try and it’s time to vote whether to continue hybrid. We have through June to weigh in.

The votes have been counted. Two people accidentally voted for their choice twice. So as requested, one was removed from face-to-face and one from hybrid.

This still has Face-to-Face winning the vote.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Hybrid Vote”

  1. If the vote is only one way from hybrid or face-to-face with no other options will the meeting actually meet everyone’s needs? If we only have four or five people going to the meeting compared to the 11 or 12 that we have now is that really good thing? Just my thoughts and comments


    1. Laurie here.

      Are you stepping up to be the host in person AND online? I’m done. Burned out. We have no consistent volunteer and every single week now the meeting starts online at least 15 minutes late.

      We will eventually have to return to face to face. Period. Doing so will allow all of us to do what we did before covid. There are people not coming just because it’s online. We have new people looking for in person meetings also not being served. What about all of them.

      Keeping people conveniently comfortable at home isn’t delivering the message. Shocking coming from Miss Techie, I know lol.

      Hope this helps clarify my vote for in person only.


  2. Sorry was logged the wrong account. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Ultimately, there are HUNDREDS of online meeting options. I’m ready to get back to my in person home meetings.

    Thanks for listening.


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